Self-sufficient and containerised solar energy systems

These systems are based on the energy production of renewable energy and will run completely independent

from any other energy source, together with long-living battery packs. The system is particularly designed to run under hot temperatures and dusty environments, thus suitable for extremely remote locations.

 The system arrives pre-installed in a 20-foot container from Europe and requires minimum time to connect at the site. The system can be connected to grid or generators as a back-up, if available.

This mobile solar container is a turnkey system which is ready for operation immediately after delivery. A specially built monitoring system allows error detection and error reporting of the container. Connections are provided to the customer. Each connector has a current limiter and a consumption limiter to prevent overloading of the container

Benefits of Shipping Container Storage

Using shipping containers for your storage needs comes with a stack of benefits such as:

  • Shipping containers are less than half the price of a standard self-storage unit making them a cost-effective solution for short-term storage needs

  • Only pay for what you need

  • Minimises outlay of capital

  • Hassle free removal at the end of the rental period

  • Specialised modified containers available (longer minimum periods)

  • Containers are of a high quality for trouble-free operation making them both weather and vermin proof

  • Shipping containers are transportable making a great mobile storage solution that can be delivered to your site, you can pack it within your time frame and we can deliver in any country within the Continent of Africa.

Many regions in Africa lack access to a region-wide electrical power grid.  The majority of the population in Africa that are connected to the power grid are those people living in big cities. On the other hand, electricity is the key to economic development: Small shops, food storage, water pumps, schools and medical provisions. With access to affordable electric power,  people have a chance for a better life.

Several Power Companies has been trying to establish decentralized power grids in rural areas and villages with less than 25.000 people, using Diesel generators. We have reason to believe that 90% of these projects currently lose money, not able to deliver electricity at an affordable price point.

This leads to negative outcomes for the local economy – e.g. more than 50% of the harvest rots on the field due to missing refrigerator facilities. Or investments in education, health care and water supply gets stalled for the lack of electricity supply. When Diesel generators are available, they are noisy and expensive to operate, especially when fuel supply has to travel long distances. In addition to that, emissions from Diesel harm the environment and pollute the air.

These solar containers offer a sustainable alternative: The energy source is renewable, and no fuel supply chain is needed. Power is generated emission-free. And the solar container can be easily embedded into the local economy, with local technicians and craftsmen becoming experts in renewable energy technology instead of fixing Diesel generators.

This solar container system is the ideal solution for energy production especially in rural areas, which do not have any existing infrastructures. The mobile solar system offers a fast, effective and regenerative conversion of solar energy at every location. The total investment costs for a solar system in the container are therefore significantly lower and even more economical.

The solar container system is the ideal solution for energy production especially in rural areas, which do not have any existing infrastructures. The mobile solar system offers a fast, effective and regenerative conversion of solar energy at every location. The total investment costs for a solar system in the container are therefore significantly lower and even more economical.

With the solar containers – solar arrays, wind turbines combined with battery storage – we are building the first decentralized renewable energy supplier in Africa, lowering the dependency on Diesel fuel. We found how to create a scalable business model to sell solar container in all of Africa.

  • Solar containers support economic development in Africa and increase the standard of living

  • Solar containers help to establish a green, sustainable and renewable energy supply

  • Our Solar Container power plants are built ready-to-use. To allow energy delivery day and night, the containers are also equipped with small wind turbines and batteries of sufficient size. The first geographical target area is Africa especially rural villages with less than 25.000 people and no connection to the electric power grid today nor in the future. Because the power supply infrastructure is missing, these regions are lacking many opportunities for development: Examples are education light at night, Healthcare and hospitals. We see our solar containers not just as a drop-in product, but as a platform to do business on equal footing with the local consumer communities, enabling a productive dialogue to learn and incrementally improve the technology and business model of our Factory Manufactured Solar Container Units.

 Greenergy A&D Commodities DMCC Renewable Energy investment project approach utilizing an all-in-one containerized solar energy plants anywhere.



                                                                PV Production Floor Layout



Greenergy A&D utilizes two-way Smart Inverter technology to give Electric car owners who are earning as much as $1,530 a year just by parking their vehicle and feeding excess power back into the grid. SMART Residential Carport Charging is a key development for electric vehicles.



Capable of functioning independently of an electricity grid, the Solar Container Unit comes pre-installed and pre-cabled and is capable of supplying energy in remote areas where connecting to an electricity grid is not possible, but also for short-term requirements (mobile operations, for example).

The container is fitted with an automated management system for controlling energy prioritisation as follows: solar, battery, external source. Significant battery storage: from 15 to 90 kWh.
Remote monitoring of production data via the GSM grid.

Right now, solar PV market is booming – thanks to renewed Govt. support which is constantly coming up with new & attractive energy policies. In Africa, a lot of new companies are starting as system integrator, EPC service providers. Greenergy A&D partners with OEMs to provide full turn-key solutions for High-Quality Solar PV Panel production throughout Africa.

Greenergy A&D Commodities DMCC/Renewable Energy is committed to the highest ethical standard in providing solutions for Clean Energy for the good of the Environment and Building Infrastructure support for economic growth. Integrity, honesty and reliability are the core of our business practice

The Power Cube is designed to be highly mobile.  They can be built around a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft shipping container footprint and provide up to 15 kilowatts of power to people in need. This could be a hospital in a disaster area, sleeping quarters, a temporary school or for the administration of a refugee camp in a time of crisis. The  PowerCube can also be used to power water treatment systems on site, helping those most in need and possibly making the difference between life or death for people right at the knife edge of survival

Greenergy believes this innovative solar technology has the potential to be one of the most important Solar Patented Innovations of our Generation